Which session type is best for you?

I offer two different styles: lifestyle and posed portraiture. 

Lifestyle Fine Art

First take a look at some sample images of the family, maternity and newborn portraits done in clients' homes or at a location. 

In-home lifestyle: http://www.peatreephotography.com/p5079179

Outdoor lifestyle: http://www.peatreephotography.com/p416644165


Most people are drawn to the emotional connection in these images. It is as if the photographer isn't there and true personalities emerge. Lifestyle images are shot with my 35mm and edited with a film look or black and white. These sessions are mostly unposed and are meant to capture your family's personality. I focus a lot on the emotional connections and tiny intricate details. This type of session is best for families looking to document their story. We do this by first figuring out what is unique and special about your family and plan a location that will best showcase that. Maternity clients--we can meet outdoors or in your home to capture all of the love before baby arrives. When your newborn is here, we will photograph your new family in your home and capture all of the details of their life--a bath, cuddles, feedings, nursery, etc. This type of session is best for newborns beyond the two week mark, as well. 

These images will look beautiful in one of my custom-designed vegan leather or linen albums. We can even create a beautiful portrait gallery or showcase your images in a portfolio box. 


Purely Polished and Posed Sessions


This session is for individuals that want to wow their friends and family. We will stylize your session with a beautiful wardrobe, maternity gowns/headpieces to ensure we have gorgeous images. The fun part comes with the specialized retouching to create truly polished and clean portraits with an emphasis on gorgeous skin. For maternity and family portraits, we will focus on portraits that involve looking at the camera and getting your best smile and angles (of course, any darling candid shots will be put in your gallery). For newborns, this session will be done in my studio and will focus on posed portraits of the baby and family members. 

These images will look especially beautiful in one of my custom-designed wall gallery collections. Another lovely option is to showcase your images in a portfolio box and display easel. 

Sample Maternity: http://www.peatreephotography.com/p501115927

Sample Newborn: http://www.peatreephotography.com/p5709056

Sample Family: http://www.peatreephotography.com/p124537395