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|morning light|

September 02, 2017  •  7 Comments




The pace of life around the Petrie household has certainly picked up. Brayden, Keira and Isla are all at very different stages in their life and require different needs and activities to keep them happy. I feel like life is flying bye faster than ever and I'm always just trying to catch up.

Isla is nursing around the clock and I am up every three hours during the night to meet her needs. This morning, I lied next to her as she nursed so I could get a bit of rest. Instead of waking up as she usually does, she fell back to sleep. I slowllllyyyy got out of bed.

The stars had aligned...  all three children were still sleeping. PERFECT!

It was time to sneak downstairs, watch a tv show and enjoy a cup of coffee for the first time in a looonngggg time.

Something held me back. Something said stop... enjoy this moment. This moment will pass before you know it.  SONY DSC

I stared around my messy bedroom.

Instead of annoyance at the random assortment of kid socks and toys, books that needed to be read and half-empty water glasses, I saw the joy that they bring into my life. 

The morning light--this time--didn't reveal all of the chores that needed to be done but a room that is filled with love. The place where my children still want a story to be read to them every night. The place where I sleep next to a man that loves all of us unconditionally.

I looked as that light hit Sasha as she took up her post guarding Isla. That dog drives me nuts sometimes but I had to appreciate her loyalty to my children. I swear that Sasha has never truly slept more than a moment because she is always on high alert protecting us. SONY DSC

SONY DSC And then, I looked at Isla. The light touched her sweet little face. Her tiny arms were curled up around her head and hands clenched into tiny fists. Her head, as always, turned towards where I sleep. I felt a pinch of sadness and I realized how much she has already grown and changed in such a short amount of time. I felt guilty for not soaking in her tininess more. That morning light reminded me to be grateful to have the ability to nurse her instead of focusing on my lack of sleep.

I looked over at the mirror. Instead of resenting my disheveled hair and dark circles, I laughed. 


Normally, I spend a ton of time making each of my images perfect with posing and Photoshop magic. 

Here is my life unscripted and raw. 

I'm so glad something made stop and capture it.  SONY DSC






Love!!! Love!!! LOVE!!!
Laura K. Allen(non-registered)
Oh my gosh. Yes you are right, newborns don't stay tiny forever and it's so important to stop and take in these moments! You are such a talented photographer and I'm sure you will cherish these images forever! Btw, I wish I was in Syracuse, I'd hire you in a second!
Ohhh my gosh swoon!!!! You capture just the right photos to make your heart just explode when you are looking at them! Im sure thats what makes you the Syracuse newborn photographer
Sandra Dorshimer(non-registered)
Allllll the feels of motherhood right there! I definitely got teary-eyed reading this. If only they could stay little forever! My sister in law is due in December and lives in the Syracuse area, I'll have to mention your name to her as she is looking for a newborn photographer!
Love this so much. It's sweet to read your heart and see these images. I was looking for a newborn photographer in Syracuse and I'm going to contact you soon.
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