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What to Wear to Define your Portrait Images

August 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

So, you have decided to have professional portrait images done! Excellent! 

Now.. what are you going to wear? 


I want you to look at the following images... disclaimer: these are NOT my images AND try not to compare the editing. 

What do you notice about the COLOR choice? 

What happens to the image when you have soft colors vs bold colors?

The OUTFIT choice? Casual versus dressy? 

Does the "feel" or "emotion" of the images seem to change? 



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Here's another example... (THESE ARE NOT MY PHOTOS!)

The images above are similar in color palette yet the end result is completely different.

Also, for me as a photographer, I will get inspired by your outfit choice. You're helping me set the tone and feeling of your images. 


1. Choose Outfits that Fit Your Personality

For starters, I think clothing identifies your personality and your interests. I wouldn't suggest going out and buying an outfit that doesn't represent who you are! Also, I'd suggest picking "timeless" outfits and NOT something so trendy that your family photos will look outdated in a few years. 

2. Choose Outfits that Flatter your Body Type

I would also recommend finding clothes that fit well and make you feel confident! If you have a particular part of your body you are nervous about showing, find an article of clothing that will be most flattering. For example, as short gal with a wider frame, I know that my legs do not look so great in skinny leg jeans. I know I personally feel better about myself when I'm rocking a fierce but flattering outfit. And, when I'm feeling confident, I'm more at ease AND when I'm more at ease, I know I will take better pictures. I'd hate for you to feel uncomfortable during your session and not show your true personality. I'd also hate for you to get your images back and regret clothing choices. 

With that being said, for both of us, please iron/de-wrinkle your outfits. Yes, I use photoshop and I can certainly remove wrinkles. But, let's say I have 25-30 images to edit and I have to dewrinkle your clothes in each image... that makes for an unhappy photographer and that much longer to get your images back. 


3. Family Portrait Choices

Your goal in family portraits to to have a similar color scheme but NOT look too "matchy". You also want to avoid patterns that conflict with one another. Let's say you are a family of four...

Dad-solid button up shirt in navy blue, slacks

Mom-cream dress, navy blue accessories

Son-solid button up shirt in cream, slacks

Daughter-navy lace dress and cream headband 

In this scenario, you have everyone following a similar color scheme and it will not be too "busy to the eye." 


Still not sure where to start? 

a. Check out the link below

b. Decide on which style best suits your family AND what color scheme makes sense for our location/time of day/season etc

c. ASK ME! I LOVE helping with styling sessions.

d. I often find great outfit ideas at TARGET! Check there for inspiration! 


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