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Syracuse Newborn Photography-Baby Sofia

April 09, 2016  •  9 Comments

Syracuse, NY Newborn Photography

Baby Sofia

"Tiny Perfection" 


I was honored to photograph sweet Sofia for her proud parents and extended family. 

As I was setting up, I met with several members of the extended family who were on visit to meet this beautiful little girl. The grandparents not only took care of their daughter and granddaughter but the photographer, as well. A freshly-brewed, cup of green tea was given to me and I have never tasted such tea as this. Throughout the session, if my tea became cold, a new one replaced the old. 

I felt like they were truly happy to have me there photographing their new bundle of joy. 

Baby Sofia was a dream for a newborn photographer. She slept for her entire session and was absolutely adorable. 


Her features were so delicate and tiny. 


Her big sister was adorable and loved to give her tiny, new sister sweet kisses while she was sleeping <3




Love your Syracue newborn photography! You are so talented.
Wow! You are such an amazing newborn photographer. I love the way your images look. I just wish I had lived in Syracuse when my baby was born.
These are stunning! You're such a gifted newborn photographer! We're so glad to have you in Syracuse!
What a wonderfully beautiful Syracuse maternity photographer! Your images are so creamy. I love it!
Wow! What beautiful images! You did an amazing job. You're a fantastic Syracuse newborn photographer!
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