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Syracuse Family Photography: "Forever Young"

June 16, 2015  •  2 Comments

"Forever Young" 

Last week I did a blog post on if clients prefer more posed or candid photos. So, when I was asked to take portraits of Jake and Kaitlyn before their semi-formal, I immediately began going through various poses in my head. I loved the way the posed portraits came out but I always want to try and connect with the images in some way.

I couldn't help but think back to my days of going to dances and school events.

I miss that feeling of anticipation and pure, care-free excitement. 

That moment when the boy you like asks you to a dance with a cute little message on a baseball... 



Waiting for your date to arrive.... what will he think? How will he react to how beautiful I am? 

SONY DSC ... and that one moment when he sees you for the first time and all of your questions have been answered. 


I think this has to be one of my favorite images of all time. As a Momma, I love this quiet little moment between mother and son. The independent and growing up young man who still needs a bit of help with these things... <3



It's the little moments. Your first corsage.  SONY DSC

A holding of hands... 


A giggle between poses (what is this photographer thinking?!) 


And, of course, beautiful portraits that someday we will look back on...


to remind us of how young we once were. 

I hope you still have your memories to hold on to that remind you of being "Forever Young." 


I love these little candid moments, how adorable. Your senior portrait and family photography in Syracuse creates great memories for people to look back on. Great job!
Amanda these are are so talented and have such a creative eye especially using that lovely garden background...too bad the gardener did not weed.... :)

Actually I love how you captured my garden and the pergolas and fence behind them and your story here is just magical.
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