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Syracuse Family Photographer-Lifestyle Session

March 01, 2015  •  1 Comment

I was lucky enough to be invited into two amazing photography groups that houses some brilliant and fantastic photographers from around the country. They post images for critique and share tips and advice. I have learned so much and we push each other to not only get better but to LOVE this creative field. 

In one group, we complete "challenges" each month. They're not competitions but challenges for ourselves to "see and think" outside of the box. The world of photography can be, in some ways limiting, if you're trying to make a living off of it because certain trends are popular among client-wants. 

I am just now finishing up my first full year of establishing a photography business and find myself continually tweaking and changing my photographic style. Each new lighting arrangement, camera lens, or photoshop magician's trick opens up new worlds. 

So, let's bring these ramblings all together now. The challenge for this month's photography group was to create an image around the word, "bliss." I had all sorts of ideas for bliss: chocolate, a warm, comfy bed... these were just some of examples of how I would interpret bliss. But, how would I stage it? How would I create this. I thought of props and of who I would have take the photo. How would I create it? 

But...again... we were supposed to think OUTSIDE the box. That's the biggest thing... stop trying to CREATE images and just LET them happen. Be inspired IN THE MOMENT. 

This brings me to my images. My son, Brayden, was in the moment. He was feeling something. He was blissfully happy. He LOVES to "rock" out to music. He's four and a half and man, does this child know what he likes. He has his own playlist on Spotify. And, I'm not talking toddler tunes or Frozen music. I'm talking alternative Indie rock: Mumford and Sons, Kings of Leon, Young the Giant, Walk the Moon. He SINGS his little heart out when his favorite jam comes on.  

So, I have my camera out and I'm taking his picture. And, I'm thinking... this. This is photography. This isn't staged. This isn't posed. These are the photographs I love to take. These are absurdly beautiful. 

I feel like I achieved bliss this month. And it wasn't selfishly thinking of my own bliss. It was waiting for the right moment and capturing TRUE bliss. It wasn't forced. I didn't create it. I didn't stage it. I didn't pose it. This last photo is BLISS. I can't think of another word to describe his little face after seeing his favorite song. 

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The family lifestyle photography sessions are so wonderful! I'd love to have you do a lifestyle session for me in Syracuse!
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