My life summed up in three words:

Family. Halloween. Coffee. 

If you are interested in any of those three things then I am your gal ;) More than one? We are soul mates. 


Why book with me?

My attention to detail (oops! Let me get that thread off of your shirt)

My patience (crying baby? I got this)

My passion (I want your photos to look amazing because I know how IMPORTANT these memories are)



My Photographic Journey

I think I have always looked at the world through a lens. I find beauty and joy in anything and to me that makes the world just a really big piece of artwork. As a kid, I had a HUGE imagination (oh, no toys? That's okay.. I'll just make these rocks into characters) That imagination continued to grow and was nurtured by an amazing photography teacher in high school. The passion for photographing the important things in life grew as I had my own children. They grow SO FAST (like seriously, HOW do they do that?!) and I wanted to document EVERYTHING. That imagination and passion capturing my three sweet babies led me to open a photography business. 

I take photographs. I make artwork. I make your photographs into artwork.


"Syracuse, NY Family Photography" "Syracuse, NY Maternity Photography" "Syracuse, NY Newborn Photography" "Syracuse, NY Senior Portrait Photography" 

Camillus, NY,  Cicero,NY,  Baldwinsville, NY Clay, NY,  Manlius, NY,  North Syracuse, NY,  Brewerton, NY,  Marcellus, NY,  Skaneateles, NY,  East Syracuse, NY,  Fayetteville, NY